Ms Noonan, What the Heck Are You Thinking?

The formerly esteemed Ms Noonan of the Wall Street Journal, (and prior laureate of the Reagan administration) made the terrible mistake of throwing in her support for Obama during the heady days of the 2008 election.  However, she came out strongly against Obama during his second presidential run, and as such I was willing to cut her some slack. After all, while sensible Americans had issues with the reality of Obama in 2008, there was always the more appealing, “Idea” of Obama – that a change was needed from the policies of Bush, that it would be an amazing achievement for a Black man to achieve the highest office, the promise of a healed America from a racial perspective, yadda yadda yadda, and so on.

I cast my vote for John McCain, but when he lost, and out of a sense for the same patriotism that we all practiced prior to the poisoned poltical sphere of late, I though, well, at least Obama is a good role model for young minority children everywhere, and perhaps he will govern in the same somewhat moderate spirit as Clinton seemed to. That was before “I won,” “the police acted stupidly,” “millionaires and billionaires” and so on. Obama started failing within weeks of winning the election and my first article noting such was written within a month of his taking office.

Ms Noonan on the other hand, decided not only to see a silver lining in the Republican party’s loss – she supported and presumably voted for Barack Obama in 2008, despite the many questions and lack of traditional vetting any Republican candidate would have had to endure. In some respects, because of her initial support for the activist-turned-senator-turned-president, when she did finally come out against Obama, and she certainly did and continues to do so, it was all the more biting. Obama losing support from people who voted against him is to be expected, but to lose the faith of people who crossed party lines to support him was devastating (or should have been had the media reported it). Peggy was back in the fold, and in my good graces. I even linked to more than one of her weekly columns.

However, this week, I am done, forever, with Ms Noonan. It seems that she felt Congress didn’t act quickly enough on Gun Control:

In the case of Newtown, I feared in the days after that Congress would not move quickly but instead take time to create a more “comprehensive” approach, not understanding that the minute voters see the word comprehensive they think, “Uh oh, they’re hiding things again on page 873, paragraph 8, subsection 5, line 12!” And opposition would build. And nothing good would happen.

I urged a quick, short, simple bill that would ban the use of big ugly monstrous high-capacity magazines. Make people reload after seven or eight shots. It won’t hurt hunters, it won’t leave your house less safe, and in the cases of crazy people attacking children and mallgoers it will force them to reload, in which time someone might be able to knock them down or get the gun from their hands.

Get that? Noonan “feared” that nothing “good” would happen. The use of the term “good” refers to a ban on hi-capacity magazines. Because, don’t you know, the whole problem at Newton was that the shooter had a magazine that held 30, instead of 15, or 10, or 7. And such a new law would be ok, Noonan asserts, because it won’t hurt hunters or leave those who take their self defense seriously, any less protected.

What about the facts ma’am? You know, the bit about how big bad magazine laws aren’t respected by criminals who are bent on breaking laws?  Or how the last gun control bill didn’t do anything other than infringe on the rights of the law abiding?  Or how about the revelation that the Obama administration isn’t even prosecuting actual federal firearms crimes in NYC and Chicago, or the fact that in parts of the country where people have the right to carry, there is less crime? Or the fact that in parts of the country where there are stringent laws, crime is common place? Or the fact that throughout history, the regulation of the citizen’s rights to own weapons have often been followed by confiscation, then tyranny?

What about the constitution, and the rights of those that didn’t commit those horrible tragedies in Sandy Hook. You know, the other 349,999,999 people in this country? What about them? What about the mini-Sandy Hook that’s in the making for the thousands of outed Gun Owners in upstate New York, who now serve as a pit stop for potential criminals on their way to committing other crimes? Or the mini-Sandy Hook that’s in the making for thousands of Americans who might not be afforded the rights to protect themselves from devastating “every day crime” which takes the lives of so many, and wouldn’t be stopped one iota by any proposed laws on the law abiding.

On this, Ms Noonan is silent. She laments the lack of quick action. I celebrate it. Note to the Wall Street Journal: Time to get a new columnist, or a new set of readers.


2 thoughts on “Ms Noonan, What the Heck Are You Thinking?

  1. I used to like Peggy Noonan, but I’m disgusted now and just hearing her voice stirs my gag reflex.
    Just attempting to catch up on my Roger Hedgecock show Podcasts, I heard a comment made by her on the 1st of this month concerning the gun control legislation. Go listen to it but I advise you not to have anything in your hands when you hear what she says. Apparently she has gone for the circles of RINO’s and commentators that get invited to the coctail circuit parties in DC as long as they trumpet the moderate line and stay in the good graces of the Statist Democrats.

    Thomas Jefferson had a quote about traitors and those who give up their freedom for security and I’d say she’s acting it in great form.

    Good Riddance Ms Noonan.

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